Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shakespeare an introduced species

Laurie Duggan has posted a old photo of two boys (his father and a friend) dressed in Shakespearian garb amidst the landscape of country Victoria: the image has the discord and incongruity of collage, that surreal element that is intrinsic to colonization's culture transplant. Shakespeare is an introduced species.

Peter Porter's poem 'Reading MND in Form 4B' (from the 1962/63 section of his Collected Poems) captures something of the languid boredom of the pre-air-conditioning school classroom in the Australian heat, and the alien nature of the European set texts.

Philomel with melody - a refrain
Summoning the nightingale, the brown bird
Which bruits the Northern Hemisphere with bells -
It could not live a summer in this heat.

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Laurie Duggan said...

David, I can't reach you via email unless I reconfigure my system to Office which I don't want to do. Will this comment have anything attached (like my email?)